Please note:  All students that need to change clothes must do so in the bathrooms. 

Students should have proper attire by October 1; bodysuits, tights and proper dance shoes.

  1. Girls wear white tap, ballet, jazz and gymnastics shoes.
  2. Boys wear black tap, ballet, jazz and white gymnastics shoes.

Please ask which style of shoes your child will be required to wear for their classes.

NO STREET SHOES, NO PANTS, NO SHIRTS!  Bike shorts and stretch pants are allowed over bodysuits in substitution for tights.  If a student does not have on proper dance attire, they will not be allowed to attend class.  All dancewear may be purchased at the dancing school. We have a large selection of dancewear to choose from.  Hair must be tied back.  All students must have a dance bag or box.  All shoes and ballet bags & boxes must be marked with student’s full name. All dance bags should be sent into the dance room with the students.  Only students will be permitted in the classroom during class time. Viewing of classes is not permitted by parents or other guests.