Pointe:  The technique of performing on toe (pointe) for classical and contemporary Ballet. For advanced students with several years of Ballet technique upon recommendation of the instructor only. Students must be enrolled in a Ballet class in addition.
*Black Leotard, Pink Convertible Tights, Pink Pointe Shoes, Hair in Bun

Ballet: Our beginners Ballet class introduces core and structured dance. Students are introduced to the basic terminology of Ballet such as plies and tondues. Each class begins with a basic barre and floor stretch,  students them move on to basic positions, arm a feet coordination and turn out.  Students progressively begin to incorporate what’s learned at the barre and apply it cross the floor, movements across the floor include turns and leaps. The class closes with a reverence! If you’re interested in poise and posture  come try this class!!!

Caribbean:  Coming soon!!

Tap: A stylized form of movement which develops coordination, rhythm and balance, stressing footwork.
*Black Leotard, Nude Tights, Black Tap Shoes, Hair Up

Jazz: A contemporary and exciting dance using the latest techniques and lending itself to current movements using popular music. Includes, technique, standard, Street Jazz.
*Black Leotard, Nude Tights, Dance Paws, Hair Up

A beautiful blend of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern. Dancers learn the technique of Ballet, the rhythms of Jazz and the emotion of Modern. Lyrical dance creates a story and express the mood or theme of the music and its lyrics. *Black Leotard, Nude Tights, Dance Paws, Hair Up

Gymnastics: Stretching for flexibility, control and strengthening. Floor work, tumbling, cartwheels, forward rolls, hands stands, backhand springs, etc.
*Black Leotard, Nude Stirrup Tights, Dance Paws, Hair Up (NO SKIRTS)

Hip-Hop:A funky, contemporary form of Jazz with a sharp, street smart ease that will add another dimension to your level of performance. If you want to look like a back up dancer for Britney or Janet, this is the class for you. Previous or current training in Jazz technique is strongly suggested for students attending the class.
*Black Leotard, Nude Tights, Black Jazz Sneakers, Hair Up

Company: A specialty program where dancers of similar ability are invited based on good attitude, interest, and capability. It is a program that requires commitment. The rewards are endless! Children cover a larger amount of material at a faster pace because they log more hours at the studio. They develop a better understanding of dance and truly grow a passion and love for the art. These dancers compete in a competition.
*Black Leotard, Stirrup Nude Tights, Required Dance Shoes, Hair in a Bun